Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leaving Scarborough Marina!

Yes I can!
April 2010 is upon us and the lines will be severed on the good ship Lady Marlen. First off we (me and the good ship) will be heading North, hopefully getting to Gladstone in the not too distant future, after that, who knows?


  1. Hi Col Just testing the waters...Ron

  2. Ahoy Uncle Col or should I say CC,
    Very exciting news ....we will be following your blog with much excitement...Love and best wishes from Nauti-cal Nat, Viking Joakim and our first and second mates Olivia and Oscarxxxx

  3. Hi! Col, Here I go again for the 5th time.!!!!
    Have a great and exciting journey taking each day as it comes. May the Angels always fly with you and keep you safe.

    Lots of love Shirl and Ron xxxx

  4. Hi! Captain Col, been thinking of you all day and hope you arrived at Moreton Island OK. Please answer. Love Shirl and Ron xxxx