Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still at Pancake Creek

Still here hanging around,have caught some mighty big mud crabs,biggest I've seen and very tasty. Have met some yachties from Scarborough and other assorted folk passing through, keeps me from being lonely and talking to myself. Went ashore on Monday 1st June to explore Bustard Head and check out the lighthouse. Had to fight my way through the jungle and then took the wrong way on the beach, it had it's benefits, as I came across some lovely backpackers in bikinis, they were there for the weekend and later flew out by a local plane,good for the eyes.I finally came across the lighthouse and it cost me five dollars to enter but it was worth the money.It took me about 6 hours all up, I'm still getting over the wobbly legs and cuts and bruises that I copped along the way. Next will be learning how to throw a cast net correctly, will keep you informed cheers " The Captain"

1 comment:

  1. Hi Captain Col,
    Hear you are about to depart Pancake for Gladstone.God speed and good sailing,